Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am older now because I mom doesn't blog as she started toooooo

I am such a big boy now. I can do anything except somethings. My mom is always telling me that I am "To big for my britches". I am a bubble boy and I am always thinking that if I have to take a bath every night well we might as make it fun and have BUBBLES. I love them. I put them all over my face and body and then I tell my mom to LOOK!

The only place where I am lacking in the BIG BOY status is that I still have to sleep next to my mommy. She is so warm and is always there is hug and kiss me if I wake up. I love just being close he her. Maybe someday soon I will sleep in my own bed, but not TONIGHT!

I am 2.5 years old. I really don't know how old that is but I know its a lot. My sister is one of my favorite people. Even though we fight I still love her so much. I try not to bug her so much but oh how much fun it is...LOL
Ayden is doing so good. He is going to a daycare that specializes in Spanish. I love that and he is learning so much while he is there. It makes going to daycare worth it. We are getting ready for the holidays. I put the tree up and the lights so far but nothing else. I wanted to surprise Ayden with it because he just loves the lights so much. He is so active and so playful but sometimes a little to playful and ends up hurting you...... I love him so much..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It is kind of nerve racking to know that my little baby just isn't a baby anymore. I look at him and my heart just swells up with pride and then I change him and he pees on me and I could yell at him but I don't because he got more on himself then on me....LOL Just kidding.

I never realized that I would love a child as much as I love Ayden. Ever since he was born I get frustrated and I look at him and all the stress and frustration just leaves my body. I think how lucky am I that this child is mine. He looks like me and then oh no He acts like me....

Ayden is starting to say so many things. He can say, Bay bay, Hanna, Carrie, Katie,Grandma, papa, momma, daddy.....cookie, treat, more......... so many words for just a little boy.

I love my little boy so much!

Friday, February 02, 2007

I know its been a while....... Ayden is now 18 months!

What a wild and crazy 8 months it has been. We moved which was wonderful for Kevin and I. We now live close to work and the commute is so much nicer. Ayden is now at a different daycare which he just loves. He doesn't bit anyone there anymore. He is saying so many words its not even funny. On the way home every night he tells me about his day... Yes I know most of it I can't understand but at least he is talking. He is saying Mama (his favorite word), dada, Annnna for Hanna, Gammma for grandma, Papa for Grandpa, Katie (Auntie), Bay for our dog, Ennnnie for Jeannie our neighbor, Ty for uncle, Ball, banna for banana, Caaaaarrrrr another favorite for I said there are so many words. He is learning something new everyday. He is so active that I am beginning to think that this kid is never going to settle down. His favorite thing is this remote control cars oh yeah and daddies.....LOL He has all of his teeth except his eye teeth...... he has discovered that he has holes...nose holes, ear holes......... I tell you if I had a penny for every time I told him to stop putting things in his ears and nose I would be a millionaire...
Things are going good here and no matter how hard things might get Kevin and I have each other and our kids and that means everything to us!

Monday, July 17, 2006


So my little guy is almost ONE! I keep asking myself where that time went to. It was just yesterday that I was sitting here holding him for the first time. The 19 hours that it took to before I could view him. Now that little boy that would just love to look at MOMMY has so many other things to look at and it is rarely me now. He has so much personality and makes his family laugh all the time. He has two devils that sit themselves on each shoulder but the face of an angle. Soon comes the broken bones, cuts, scrapes..... How does a mother live through it all??

Friday, June 16, 2006

My bestfriend... Sissy

Ayden loves his sister to much. The moment that he sees her he is all smiles. We have gotten the pleasure of getting to see more of her. Ayden loves it. His favorite place in the house would be SISSY'S room. I don't think that she really likes that but she can be tolerable.

We have Hanna every other weekend and everytime she is with us Ayden only has eyes for her. It is the cutest thing. But you know he bugs her (her opinion). Dad and I think that its funny. We try telling Hanna that this is only the beginning. Hanna does have some fun with Ayden like when she is pushing him around in a laundry basket or when they take a bath together.

Every day is a challenge with these two. They are such great, ambious children and we try to give them the same amount of attention. I can tell you that neither is lacking any love that is for sure....

Monday, April 17, 2006

Spending time with DADDY

Today Ayden got to spend some quality time with Dad. Daycare called and said that she could not take any kids today..... So dad was forced to stay home and take Ayden to the park and soak up all of the warm sunny. Not that I am jealous...ok so maybe I am. Right now is just not a good time for me to take anytime off. We are very short staffed right now. So dad gets to enjoy all this time with Ayden. Dad has called me a few times telling me that Ayden keeps filling his diaper and after he does it starts to laugh..

Well Easter was just great. We really did have a great day. We went to my in-laws for the day. It really turned out to be nice out. Ayden received his first Easter basket. Sissy came over but had to leave on Saturday to spend Easter with her mom. It was still nice to have that time with her. Ayden loves it because all he does is smile whenever he is with her. She brightens his day. Now for her its completely different. He bugs her!!!!! Just wait sissy this is only the beginning. Ayden got to play in the sand box at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I am not sure what he really made of that. I know that he kept feeling the sand. I think that Ayden is filling his diaper today from all the food that everyone was feeding him yesterday.

All is good here. Till next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Out little Animal

Well it's been awhile and now the little guy is standing and walking with furniture. It is just the cutest thing. At night before bed I give him a bath and he cries when he is taken out. I swear there are times when I think that he is half fish. In March he cut his first 2 teeth on the bottom now we are just waiting for the top 2 to come in.

It's funny because there are times when he will just lung at us and chomp down then looks up and laughs. I think CARNIVORE!!!! He is so darn cute though. I will look at him and think that he is so much like the both of us. I see me in him and then I see dad in him.